At IMTEX we are passionate about helping our clients to optimise their success.

We want you to succeed with peace of mind and confidence. We are your technology eyes, ears and hands; helping you to succeed on your journey.

IMTEX are an IT and Communications provider who have proudly provided IT support services for over 20 years. In that time the use of IT and Communications in business has rapidly evolved and our services at IMTEX have kept pace. We now provide our partners with all the IT, Telecommunications and Cloud Services that they need. We ensure that our customers are fully equipped with all the modern working tools and knowledge required to drive a more efficient, more productive and more profitable business
  • We provide all the hardware, software and services you need to succeed.
  • We are on hand to support you with any day to day technical difficulties you face.
  • We help you to enhance and manage communications internally and with your customers and suppliers.
  • We will consult with you, helping you to optimise the use of technology to overcome challenges, manage risk and capitalise on opportunities for growth.
  • We work with businesses that we can reach easily; we can be onsite when you need us.
  • We communicate in a straight-talking way. We excel at making the complicated easy.
  • We always work with integrity and trust. These values are at the heart of our business.

Your Partner in IT & Telecoms

We ensure that quality, skilful, engineers are on hand to support you when you need it. We don’t want our clients to ever feel frustrated or bamboozled by technology. We pride ourselves on quickly providing the answers and support that you need; so that you and your team can continue to be efficient and productive